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I was signed up for another suspended yoga class on Monday, so I was going to leave pole class to another week. Which would have been fine, but as soon as I decided not to go and made plans with my roommate, I regretted it. Because I wanted to go. A completely new concept for me as far as working out is concerned, but I have managed to find really fun classes that don’t feel like working out. I quickly signed up and had my roommate drive me so I wouldn’t be late (She’s clearly awesome). We did inversion prep this week, though I wasn’t quite there yet. Inversions are when you go upside down on the pole, and when we were doing the floor work to prepare, I wasn’t really able to lift myself up off the ground so much. Which left me feeling a bit like a weakling.

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Once the floor work was done, we started learning a combo on the pole, which the teacher checks every few moves, making each of us do it for her before we can move on. When I was showing her the spin, I did the wrong thing, but realized it and told her I knew I wasn’t doing it right, even as I spun around the pole.

“That’s okay, you also aren’t holding on properly, but you’re really strong so it works anyway.” She told me.

She showed me how I should be holding on (which would make it a lot easier for me) and I redid it without the mistake, but with a pretty big smile. There was a small part of my brain that was mortified at how badly I had messed up that move in front of the teacher, but I was way too busy concentrating on how I am not a weakling; I am so strong I make it work.

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After an afternoon of working at home and running errands, I headed out to my second suspended yoga class, this one Ashtanga Suspension Flow. Instead of a progression like the first time I was suspended, this one was a sequence, so we didn’t try one thing and then get out of the sling to try something a little harder. We got up in the sling and just kept doing things. It was the first time since I started all these classes that I worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up, or do the exercise another time. In my defense, I was suspended in midair and the exercise was to kind of go into the splits, then come back into a standing position, so if you do one too many and your legs get tired, you fall flat on your face. Still, I never thought yoga would be the one to get me.

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On Tuesday I worked as a standardized patient, then went to the Toronto School of Burlesque to try out some classes. The first one was Burlesque Teaser, and it was so much fun. The teacher, Red Herring, was hilarious and very entertaining. If ever I somehow end up on a stage where I am expected to do Burlesque, she taught me enough that I can go at least 2 minutes before anyone realizes I don’t belong there. And, depending on the costume, that couple of minutes could be a lot of fun. For me.

I stayed for the Drag Queen Ballet that came after, which was kind of just like a regular ballet class, with very different music, and a lot more attitude. I am planning for more action-themed classes in the next few months, but this is definitely a studio and classes that I want to come back to.

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On Wednesday I went to my first Kickboxing Class, where I am pretty sure I nailed the combo. All the boxing/kickboxing/muay-thai class I have taken so far involved a combination of punches and kicks and stuff that you do with a partner, one with gloves and the other with pads. Let’s just say I am not consistently awesome at getting the right moves for these. This class however, I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. Even when we switched sides, I still had it. And when I was on pads, instead of holding them both up and hoping my partner would know what to do, I was actually able to guide her by holding up the proper pad and putting it sideways if it was a hook and so on. Progress!

That afternoon, I got pictures taken for a background agency, and had an audition for this really inspiring biopic on an astronaut. The girl auditioning me was convinced she had met me before, and we had a nice little chat about Montreal before I did the scene twice, hopefully taking their note and giving them what they wanted.

On Thursday I tried some Pilates at La Femme Strong. This was the second time I worried I wouldn’t be able to do another rep. It was also the first class where we worked on one limb for a really long time rather than combinations or things that work out everything and switching it up. Still, it shows you that you can’t make assumptions, because yoga and pilates were the two classes I would have called the easiest. And in the scheme of things, they probably were, and they were obviously the least scary, but that isn’t to say they don’t hold their own. While Pilates wasn’t my favorite class, I loved the studio. The wall when you walk in is covered with inspiring words, and there is a board in the classroom with students’ reasons why they come here, and while you find some about the price or location or the workout, most of them are about the support and the inspiration they get from the other people in class. So not now, but this is also a studio I would like to come back to when the time is right.

That night we did a bit of a roommate movie night, including some mystical intention setting. I have never lived with roommates before, and so far, there has rarely been a dull moment, but hugs and support are never hard to find.

On Friday I went to the last class of my week trial at Primal Movement + MMA, kickboxing again, and it was the first time since NOGI jiu-jitsu weeks ago where I was paired with a guy. I can vouch that there is a weight difference between the black and the red pads, and I am pretty sure that he was hitting less hard for certain things because he didn’t want to hurt me. Like with acting, where it is up to the actress to give the actor permission to touch her, I discovered it is the same with boxing, because he struggled through a round of knees until I told him it was okay if he needed to hold on to me. Other than that, no big difference. And every time I finish one of these classes, I feel exhausted, but more awake, stronger, but like I’m going to be sore…I feel awesome.

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J.F., a friend from Montreal drove over that night, so we got to catch up, then spent Saturday at the Toronto Tea Festival with Amber. I had expected to just sample the teas and spend time with friends, but couldn’t resist the pumpkin spice shortbread or the amazing Chaiwala Masala Chai.

We walked around the city afterwards, stopping by bookstores where I made sure his book, A God in the Shed, was front and center of the Horror Section, then had some food at The Assembly, which is kind of like a Hispter food court. And delicious. We spent the evening knitting and watching movies.

File 2018-02-04, 9 14 45 PM

On Sunday, JF made us crepes before heading back to Montreal, while I headed into town for an audition. It was really interesting, because they are considering using the same actress to play the lead in her twenties, as well as twenty years later. I am not sure what it says about me that I related more to the middle aged version of the character, but I would love to be the one to play her. I did stumble once and call line, but other than that I am pretty happy with my performance.

Let the classes, the auditions and the visits continue 🙂


“Be stronger than your excuses.”

-The wall at La Femme Strong (which is very important, because I am so good at making excuses)


2 thoughts on “Classes, Auditions and a Visit

  1. I absolutely love this post you know.

    I love the vibrancy…and the passion within it.

    I really respect it.

    Not just that…but…you display the true attributes of being a functional human being within the tasks at hand…and in your photos.

    As a soft tissue specialist…movement analyst and elite performance coach…who runs his own clinic…fixing “broken people,” and working with professional athletes…I sincerely commend you.

    You are an inspiration to women…and men.

    Never forget that 99% of people wouldn’t put their hearts and soul on the line…for us all to read.

    Never forget that what you do with your body…your mind…and it’s physiological neuromuscular connection…is truly spectacular.

    I wish you nothing but prosperity and success

    Have an amazing day

    Mr Cleaver


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mr. Cleaver. It’s the response we get from people who read our words that make it worthwhile to put our hearts and soul on the line, so I truly appreciate it. I wish you all the prosperity and success as well. Have a wonderful day!


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