I have been in Montreal recently because my grandmother was undergoing surgery, and there was nowhere else I could think of being. The surgery was a success and she is now at home, getting better and closer to her old self every day, but Monday was pretty nerve-wracking. After spending the day at the hospital pre and post surgery, it was a nice relief to get to go and try out some jiu-jitsu moves and stuff with a friend.

On Tuesday I got to see my McGill friends and do some dry runs before indulging in some apple pancakes with the family. I make it a point to celebrate Mardi Gras, or Pancake Day, every year, because who doesn’t love an excuse to have pancakes for supper?

On Wednesday I did a program where I was a bit of a wild card. I was encouraged to swear and be disruptive, so my notes after the first try were actually to drop more F bombs and be louder. It was a bit of a stretch from every day me, but I am getting used to doing things that feel counter-intuitive or scary, and so far I have been loving it. I am not going to start cursing like a sailor, but hopefully people won’t giggle anymore when I do.

On Thursday I proved to anyone that had any doubts that I truly am crazy. I left my parents’ house in the morning and drove to Toronto so I could do training for a program. It is a really emotional one, where I not only had to cry, a lot, but the facilitators can pause the scenario, discuss things, and then continue. Which means I have to suspend the tears, then start them up again. Luckily the scenario was hitting close to home and bringing the tears with no problem.

File 2018-02-19, 8 48 42 PM

For supper, we went to the Korean Grill House for my roommate’s birthday, then to karaoke. I was with a group of amazing singers, but was not really one of them. I was convinced it was just the karaoke setting, but once we got to the car, my friend informed me that I just can’t really sing. At least that song, I hope. It was 11 at that point, and we were just beginning our drive home.

Friday was exciting and a lot of fun, but it was also super stressful, as I was kind of double booked. And running on no sleep. Still, I got to be a reader for a couple of hours, do a scenario at McGill on my lunch break, coerced a friend to cover for me for 15 minutes, then hours of more auditions before calling it a day. At least as far as working was concerned. My brother met me at work and took me to see Black Panther with Sam. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think the true testament to its being awesome lies in the fact that I did not fall asleep during it. Which was asking a lot at that point, and my eyes didn’t even close a bit.

On Saturday I was spending the day with my family, thrilled with my grandmother’s progress and getting spoiled with baked goods, when I saw a friend’s post about needing help for his play. Since I am trying to get out there more and be of use, and because I really enjoy it and wanted to see the play, I volunteered. In exchange for an hour of catching up with old friends while hanging up coats, I got to see the final performance of Antigone. I loved it, with stellar performances all around.

Once the coats were all gone, I headed across town for some more karaoke. This time wasn’t a bar with song choices and individual performances, it was a room with a bunch of friends, 2 microphones and a screen that takes requests, but also gives random suggestions. It was way more my speed, because my voice could get lost in the crowd as I sang my heart out. Definitely something I would love to do again.

On Sunday, I caught up with JF over breakfast and a chai latte, before he blows up and becomes too famous for the rest of us mere mortals. If you haven’t read A God in the Shed yet, now is the time. Especially since he is getting a tattoo once he reaches 10 000 copies. (I probably wasn’t supposed to tell you that)

Afterwards, I said yes to the dress. A bridesmaid’s dress, but it was still really exciting. And any chance to spend the day with my cousin is awesome.

Yesterday I spent the entire day being a reader for a really interesting and topical project, which had me bouncing between an 8 year old, a 14 year old and their mother. There were so many familiar faces and amazing performances. I don’t think a day spent reading there will ever not be incredible.

Today, I am participating in the Olympics of the McGill Simulation programs, then driving back to Toronto for a week I cannot wait to experience 🙂

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”

-Mark Anthony


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