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Alison Carmichael has no intention of doing a Summer internship when she agrees to humor Dr. Richards and attend the information session. She’s more interested in Tristan Davis, the intriguing and attractive stranger she meets on her way there. After Alison makes a killer impression on the woman in charge, Dr. Richards pulls her aside and drops a bombshell: Alison is Gifted, and the Cold Case Internship can teach her how to use her Gift while also solving crimes. 

Alison’s life is about to change, but is it really a Gift…or a Curse?

Find out in this ‘magical adventure that intertwines romance and mystery’!

Wondering how Caleb met Etta? What Cassie was like? Set in the 1840s, Etta gives you a glimpse into what some of our favorite Gifteds were doing at the time…

All Loretta wants is to move to Paris, find love, and raise a house full of children. Preferably with someone kind, strong, and handsome. 

Everything changes when she is brutally murdered by someone she trusts, only to wake up the following day, unscathed.

As Loretta struggles to make sense of her new lease on life, she builds unexpected friendships and meets the man of her dreams…but none of it will mean anything if she can’t stop the man who hurt her.

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