Shards of Glass


Fifteen-year-old Rachel Glass lived a quiet but happy life in upstate New York.
When her reality is shattered by a tragic act of school violence, she is forced to move her life across the country, to Los Angeles, California. There, Rachel comes face to face with her estranged father and the family he replaced her with. In this new environment, she must overcome the trauma of her past, deal with her present circumstances and prepare for an uncertain future.

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Lucy Owens never really fit into the small, New England town she grew up in. Her first week of kindergarten she was dubbed “that weird Owens girl” and her social status never recovered. She lives a quiet, sheltered life with her guardians, her best friend, and frequent visits from two mysterious young men, Embry and Gabriel, who claim to be friends of the family. On prom night, things take an unexpected turn when Lucy is forced to escape the dance through a window and brought to a safe house. She discovers that Embry and Gabriel are Gifteds, a subset of humans with supernatural abilities who don’t die until their job is done. In this case, their ‘job’ is to defend Lucy against another Gifted who is hell-bent on acquiring her. Now, on the run with Embry and Gabriel, Lucy is left wondering who this other Gifted is. And, more importantly; what does he want with her?

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