• Island Escape

    On Friday I was slightly procrastinating with the book writing and cover ordering, so when I got the opportunity to have a masterclass subscription, I decided to go for it. Because I haven’t given up on the acting dream and am interested in producing and directing as well, I had a whole lot of classes to explore. I’ll write a full post on the classes once I have a chance to go through my notes and absorb them, but I am definitely learning a lot and getting inspired, which is often the most beneficial part. I don’t think anyone watches Gordon Ramsay’s masterclass and immediately wins competitions and becomes a…

  • A Nice Long Weekend

    I had planned to get a lot of work done this weekend, but then the weather was nice. Like, really, really nice. So instead, I did a little bit of everything and had a wonderful time 🙂 On Saturday, we went for a bike ride to Old Beloeil, where we ate at Brasseurs du Moulin, a new microbrasserie.  We all shared the meat lover’s pizza, nachos and caesar salad. All were delicious, but I am not sure about leeks in my nachos…My mom usually hates eating outside, because of the bugs, but we ate on the terrasse, with the mountain and the river in the background. It was a great…

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