• Good News Comes in Threes, Right?

    I have been told that bad news comes in 3s, so I am really hoping that the same could be said for good news, because I had 2 awesome things happen to me this week and have my fingers crossed for a third. First, I was offered a part in the slasher film I had auditioned for a few weeks ago. It wasn’t the role I auditioned for, but I was still really excited until I realized I would have to be ACTRA in order to accept it. I was slightly crushed when I responded that I was available and would love the part, but was unfortunately non-union. This didn’t…

  • Lost and Found: Opportunities

    There have been a lot of really interesting developments since I last posted, though by now most of them haven’t panned out, so I am being cautiously optimistic about the last one. It all started while I was on my way to acting class with Suzanna. I got a call from a casting agency asking if I was still available for a role (as an extra) that I had applied for over a month ago. It was supposed to be an ACTRA part, so I was so excited that I got it, and couldn’t keep the smile off my face as she told me that wardrobe would be calling. The…

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