• Oh What A Year

    I like to spend the last few days of December figuring out what I want to achieve in the next year, but I also like to take some time to go over everything that I have accomplished over the past 12 months. Every time I do this, I realize that even if I am not where I planned to be, I am still leagues further than I was. And especially this year, even if everything on the outside had stayed the same, I have not. I understand a lot more about myself, my comfort zone is huge compared to what it was, and I actually feel ready for all of…

  • Follow the Mountaintop to Chekhov

    This weekend started out on set, for the Social Media Horror Event, Follow, it happened yesterday, if any of you followed, but it should come out on youtube or something as well, in case you missed it. We had originally planned to live stream a bunch of it on Sunday, but because it was going to rain all day, we filmed all of my scenes ahead of time, on the Saturday. Not only is the medium in which the story was told super original and interesting, but the story also touches upon some serious issues. Did you notice? Through the use of the Instagram stories of 3 separate accounts, you…

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