• Hello 2017 :)

    2016 has definitely changed me, especially as far as how I see myself and how I am putting myself out into the world. I plan on continuing to live outside of my ever-expanding comfort zone, and my word (or intention) for the year is going to be CONFIDENCE. Out of all the things holding me back in my life and in my career, my lack of confidence is certainly at the top. Here are my 2017 resolutions: Read all of Shakespeare I started going through the plays last year when I was studying in London, but I haven’t finished all of them. And I have the complete works, so might…

  • Holiday Suppers

    Every year, my grandparents throw two themed Christmas Dinner Parties. One for my grandfather’s family, and one for my grandmother’s. For the past few years, me and my cousins have been allowed to join in, helping our mothers prepare everything, serve on the night of, and clean up afterwards. We are also supplied with costumes, which is why I have posted pictures of us in Scottish outfits, as well as dressed as Disney princesses.  This year, we decided to do an Irish Pub Theme. And while everyone will tell you I have absolutely no decorating skills, for some reason, I ended up doing a lot more than ever before.  For…

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