• Ron Leach Workshop

    I have been trying to take part in this workshop with Ron Leach for years, but the dates have never worked out, or the workshop got cancelled. Which is why I was so excited to finally be able to learn from him last weekend! I had the schedule for the weekend, and I saw we would be watching Shurtleff on Friday night, so I was ready. Having read Audition, and taken multiple workshops with Tom Todoroff, I know all my guideposts, in numerical order, and was fully prepared to list them off. I even reread Audition, so it would be fresh. This is not what happened. It started off with…

  • Second Time’s The Charm :)

      Saturday I spent the day at a theater, for my second taste of the Tom Todoroff Act Now program. I had both been looking forward to it, and was slightly terrified of it, since I was expected to have worked on what I got wrong last time and improved, which I was afraid I hadn’t. Luckily, though I was still a bit nervous, the stress and fear disappeared as soon as I got there. It’s something about being surrounded by like-minded people with the same hopes and fears as you, that makes it seem less scary, because at least you’re not alone. I sat with Lisa, my friend Jonathan,…

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