• A Blank Slate

    Even a torrential downpour couldn’t keep us from class yesterday. And although it took a while for everyone to get there, we finished the night with a full house, as well as some special guests 😉 I was doing the scene from 2 Broke Girls with my real partner, who wasn’t off-book yet, so I did camera and was on book for other pairs before we went to run our lines out back, since we were going last. I am really happy that I got to do the scene with Teneisha last week, because last night was a completely different experience. You see, most of us have seen at least…

  • Subtext, Memories and Choices

    After missing class last week, I got to do 2 scenes yesterday. Luckily, my teacher called to warn me that afternoon, because I had definitely not been working on the second one. I got to class early, as per my usual, and rehearsed the scene I was less familiar with a few times until we were pretty sure we had it. Then class started, and I went first, which I usually do, but my scene partners are never expecting it. I like to think of it as a vote of confidence, saying I know that you are always good and ready to go whenever I ask you to. Even if…

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