• January 2019

    This year started off with me joining in on a lot of new traditions. After having celebrated Christmas with my family, we came back to Toronto to celebrate New Year’s with my boyfriend’s. New Year’s is a big deal in his family, so we went to a dinner/party on the 31st, then spent most of the 1st at his parents’, where friends came over to ring in the New Year. It was a short stay in Toronto before we went back to Montreal for Rikki and Jonathan’s wedding. We decorated the hall and had a little party on Friday before a sleepover, then Saturday was all about hair and makeup…

  • Rehearsals and a Scene :)

    I can probably name all of my posts “Rehearsals” until May, but there are also other things going on 🙂 Thursday’s rehearsal was one actress short, but we still managed to run through all of our acting bits twice. Even with the guy who was replacing said actress going for comedy more than accuracy with the lines and maneurisms. Although it wasn’t a romantic scene, swapping a girl for a guy can still make it quite interesting. Friday I went to Mcgill for a bit and figured out when we would be filming for the “Yes! Let’s Make a Movie” event. Basically, someone decided that instead of sitting around and…

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