• On Set Yoga

    Once I had shared my 30 by 30 list with my father, he handed me a flyer for a blood drive at our local mall that started last Wednesday. Wasting no time, we headed over so I could sign up, get my pin, answer all of the nurse’s questions, and then fail when it got to the blood test. Apparently, my iron level is really low, so they won’t let me give blood. Instead, the nurse gave me a flyer with a list of foods I should be eating more of in order to increase my iron. So, still have 30 left to do, and Iron Man I am not.…

  • Extras, Parties and suits

    When I last wrote, I was preaching about possibilities, which is exactly what was given to me. I had a music video shoot all booked on Friday, but it was an outdoor shoot, and anyone who was in Montreal last Friday knows that it was pouring, so the shoot got cancelled. Obviously, that sucked. But I was still believing in my possibilities, so I decided to work on them. I wrote back to someone who had tentatively mentionned something about background work. I had already told him I was pretty much always available, but decided to follow up with my availabilities this coming week. I figured that if I did…

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