• The First Ballet Class

    So it is not technically my first class. This picture attests to the fact that as a tiny child, I was geared up to be a prima ballerina. Ballet classes as an infant were actually what got me potty trained. I wanted so badly to get into class with my cousin Chelsea, but they said you have to be potty trained and so then I was. Unfortunately, my ballet career did not last so long. We moved and I stopped taking classes and sporadically went back to it, but nothing really stuck. You would think that with that kind of determination I would have gone all the way, but looking…

  • Wraps, Plans and Webinars

    After a slightly emotional last day on set, I am now wrapped for Un Jour En Societe. In my head I thought it would be the easiest of my filming days, because it didn’t involve any lines, so no memorization. Instead, I had to keep walking as people catcalled me, and eventually crumble into bed basically defeated. That shows me to no longer think things will be easy just because I don’t have to learn anything. All in all though, it was a really interesting experience, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished product! On Tuesday, I started taking care of business before going to class. I signed…

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