The First Ballet Class


So it is not technically my first class. This picture attests to the fact that as a tiny child, I was geared up to be a prima ballerina. Ballet classes as an infant were actually what got me potty trained. I wanted so badly to get into class with my cousin Chelsea, but they said you have to be potty trained and so then I was.

Unfortunately, my ballet career did not last so long. We moved and I stopped taking classes and sporadically went back to it, but nothing really stuck. You would think that with that kind of determination I would have gone all the way, but looking back, I had been determined to be like my cousin, who is still an amazing role model I aspire to be like. I wasn’t dedicated to being a ballerina, I just wanted to hang out with her.

Now, I am probably too old to be a prima ballerina. And I have no rythm. And a bunch of other issues I will have to work through, but I am excited about it. I am taking ballet not to be like someone else, or to hang out with the cool kids, I am doing ballet because it makes me happy. Because I want to be graceful and have poise and own ballet slippers. So far we have only had one class, and it is supposed to be for beginners, but one girl has been doing ballet her entire life, except the past two years because tattoos and green hair weren’t allowed at her previous school. This is very unfortunate for her, but very good for me, because I have been copying what she does, and she sees this, and gives me pointers when I do something wrong. I had a really great class last night, and am looking very forward to next week 😉

“Dance like there’s nobody watching.”

-William W. Purkey


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