• Sur le plateau :)

    Since I had promised a while ago to write lots of short posts instead of cramming everything into a single one, I thought I would give you a little update before heading out again. First of all, there is a short I did a few months ago, Sasha: Portrait of An Artist, that has been selected for the San Antonio Laughs Film Fest. Huge congrats to the entire team 🙂 Second, I was on set Monday. A French set. Where I had to have a heated argument and talk fast in a language that I don’t normally do that in. I told you I would share how it went and…I…

  • Closing Night and Class Goals

    My first experience with the Becket Players is now officially over. I had a blast performing with a talented group of singers, actors, dancers and musicians, and even got the excitement of an evacuation before our closing night. Everything turned out okay, and we gave one final heartfelt performance. I now have a lot more free time, but kind of miss getting up there on stage and being a part of the Becket Players 😉 In addition to the shows, I have also been working on my demo reel, and had 2 classes with Suzanna. This month, my first scene was from Eat Pray Love. It is definitely a challenge…

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