• My first Award Show

    I had a nice, busy weekend, followed by a relatively relaxing Monday. On Friday I was lucky enough to be an extra with some friends, and also got to make some new ones. It was a much smaller set than the one I have been on recently, so the crew ate with the extras, and there were a lot less people. I thoroughly enjoyed the call time of nearly noon, compared to the 3-4 a.m. I had gotten used to. I didn’t really enjoy driving home with the bridge closed due to fireworks, but all considered it was a very fun day!   On Saturday, I had Day 1 of…

  • Wraps, Trailers and Acting Income

    Last week after posting here, I received my first cheque representing acting income (at least since deciding to make acting my full-time career). It wasn’t a huge amount, and I would have gotten paid more for working at my previous job, even before the promotion, but it was validation. Not to mention that my mom pointed out that i would rather work for free on movie sets than for 40 000 a year at my old job. I also went for some shopping and to see The Bling Ring with Carolyne and Morgan. It was a different kind of acting, but it was interesting. And, they both seem to be…

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