Wraps, Trailers and Acting Income


Last week after posting here, I received my first cheque representing acting income (at least since deciding to make acting my full-time career). It wasn’t a huge amount, and I would have gotten paid more for working at my previous job, even before the promotion, but it was validation. Not to mention that my mom pointed out that i would rather work for free on movie sets than for 40 000 a year at my old job.

I also went for some shopping and to see The Bling Ring with Carolyne and Morgan. It was a different kind of acting, but it was interesting. And, they both seem to be on board for the New Orleans road trip, although they have some concerns about hurricane season, which I guess is kind of valid. 😉


On Friday, I found out that it was a wrap on Tricaillin, or at least for me. I am anxious to see the finished product, and to be able to use some of the scenes in my demo reel. He also confirmed my name for the website, which will be interesting to check out. I’ll share the link once I have it, but for now, here is the trailer I found on youtube for it:


I spent a pretty relaxing weekend with the family before running some errands and going to a wedding reception on Sunday. It was really nice to see family and hang out, but if you know me, I have a weakness for babies, so I spent most of my time with the newer members of the family 🙂

These past few days, I got back to the grind. I had a casting exercise to do for the workshop this weekend, a monologue to tape and some scenes to find or cut for my upcoming Tom Todoroff workshops. I still haven’t managed to get the monologue to my agent, but we have succeeded in cutting down our scene for the August week-long intensive in New York, and I’m pretty sure we have a scene for the one-day workshop in Montreal in September. We just need approval 🙂

Wednesday night I had class with Suzanna, and boy, did I get to work! One girl couldn’t make it, so I read for her, then I had two scenes of my own to do, one of which requires a Southern Accent! When I put it in my list of 25 things to do before I am 25, I was thinking it would be a British Accent, but Southern is pretty cool as well. I just need to watch some westerns to make sure I get it right 😉

Today I am mostly preparing for the workshop this weekend and learning my lines so I can blow them away on Sunday. I have a pretty busy weekend ahead, with some extra work on Friday, Mike Migliara’s workshop on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the ACTRA awards that Carolyne invited me to on Saturday night!

I understand why people might say that acting is hard. The acting part is fun, and not necessarily easy, but it is definitely the easier part. The hard part is the rejection and uncertainty. I try to be positive and keep a good outlook on things, but sometimes it is hard, when you don’t know what is going on, and the only news you are getting is bad news. But so far, I have been pretty blessed that before I get a chance to wallow or get lost in self-pity (which I definitely try not to) something or someone comes along to brighten my day. In this case, a huge thank you to Carolyne for the invite, my agent for the opportunity to work on Friday, and Suzanna, for trusting me with multiple scenes. I figure it means you don’t think I am terrible if you are willing to watch me work on 3 different scenes in one class, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

And if you have been keeping track, I have now accomplished 3 of my 25 things to do before I turn 25, and once I do the scene with a southern accent next week, I will be up to 4. Pretty good for two months in!


“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.”

-Stella Adler

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