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    Sets and SPs

    This past Monday I got my first day on a Toronto set in years, and it was…a lot of things. When I was doing the back and forth for Reign, it was my first experience with knowing the names of some of the ADs, and also having them know mine. When I checked in at my call time, the girl didn’t have to ask me my name, she just highlighted it and handed me my voucher. This was followed by years of background in Montreal until finally, this past Spring, I got them to know me. I spent the summer being one of the people whose name the AD knows,…

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    My Second Brunch in the City

    Yesterday I went to Female Department’s Brunch in the City for the second time. This year I was sans Carolyne, but I did still manage to have an amazing time, and hang out with some pretty cool people 🙂 I got there a little before 12, when it was supposed to start, so I figured I would get one of the free manicures from Trippy Nails before the lines got too long. I chose Pearl for my color, and chatted a bit with the owner, but I messed it up by grabbing things before it dried, so I won’t post pictures. But still, it was nice to be pampered for…

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