• Next Gen Niagara Falls

    My second tournament was a lot less stressful than the first. For instance, I woke up and had a bunch of eggs and mushrooms and spinach and turkey bacon because my weight was good. I did weigh myself continuously to make sure this was still the case, but I did not have to jog around for hours in multiple layers to try and lose a few pounds to not be disqualified. We packed a bunch of snacks, got ready and headed out to Niagara with a few members of Team 4Points. We talked about movies and restaurants and classes on the drive rather than me furiously texting with my coach…

  • Drills and TAWC

    I’m hoping you haven’t, but you may have noticed some weird things with the blog this past week. If you use the www.amandalynnpetrin.com link, it disappeared for a while and now either looks funny and is not secure, or you can’t reach it. Does anyone who reads this have a knack for websites? I will slowly but surely figure it out, but for now the blog lives at wordpress.com and my website is a work in progress. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. On Monday I finally got to catch up on all the things I have been putting off, like figuring out the blog, answering emails and…

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