• The Cohort – A Wrap on Season One

    Back in September 2014, I auditioned for two separate roles on a webseries set in a university. I didn’t get either of those roles, even though I felt the audition went really well. Instead, a new character was written into the series for me. I am not sure how I inspired a selfie-obsessed instagram queen, but two and a half years later, I have taken more selfies than I ever could have expected to, and have absolutely loved the experience, from start to finish. A very bittersweet finish, because it is exciting to finally be done our first season, but I will also miss having a semi-consistent acting job. I…

  • Wraps, Plans and Webinars

    After a slightly emotional last day on set, I am now wrapped for Un Jour En Societe. In my head I thought it would be the easiest of my filming days, because it didn’t involve any lines, so no memorization. Instead, I had to keep walking as people catcalled me, and eventually crumble into bed basically defeated. That shows me to no longer think things will be easy just because I don’t have to learn anything. All in all though, it was a really interesting experience, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished product! On Tuesday, I started taking care of business before going to class. I signed…

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