13 hours to go…

This has been a really busy week! On Sunday, I was telling my cousin how amazing her dance show was, and she managed to convince me to sign up for her jazz class (at the beginner’s level) on Thursdays. I had already been checking it out, but she just gave me the extra push I needed to sign up.

I started Level 2 in improv on Monday, and as per usual, I had a blast! Almost all of the people from my Level 1 class were there, with a few new people as well. Marc, the one who led the free workshop I went to, is the teacher this time instead of Brad, but he is just as much funI 

On Tuesday, I wrote the backstory for my character in the Tom Todoroff scene. Shurtleff recommends that we always choose to love the person, as it makes a better and more interesting scene, so my character is in love with her husband who neglects her, and the guy who knocked her up in college and has trouble staying in touch. Getting very excited and very nervous for this!

On Wednesday, I saw that a friend was going to an audition for a short film produced by McGill, so I got the information and submitted myself as well! I now have an audition on Monday night, right after improv. It’s kind of a dark story, but I think the character would be fun to play, and they plan on submitting the film to festivals, which I find really exciting!

On Thursday I had my first class At The Studio with Suzanna Lenir. I was the last one to arrive and was slightly overwhelmed, but once we got started, I absolutely loved it! She knew my name when I got there (I had sent my CV, but it’s still nice that she made the effort to learn it) and had picked scenes for all of us. I read a scene from “Girls” with a girl named Morgan, and we went first, which scared me for half a second before I realized how much fun I was having. We did a cold reading before doing it on the little stage area. We still had our scripts with us, so it wasn’t as energetic as it could have been, but we did it 3 or 4 times and I can’t wait to go back next week and really get into it, when we’re both off book. Everyone else in the group also did their scenes, and I was having fun just watching them! I don’t exactly want to be influenced by it, but I definitely want to watch the first season of “Girls”, which I have on my PVR, but just haven’t gotten around to watching yet.

After Suzanna’s class, I went to my cousin’s dance studio for jazz class. After an hour and a half, I am fully aware that Jazz is not my strong suit, but I really enjoy it, and would love to some day be as good as my cousin, so I will practice at home this week, and blow them away with my improvement next week!

Today, I met with Michele so we could rehearse our scene. We blocked it, found our goals and moments before, and did it over and over again for two and a half hours. I got an unpleasant surprise when the champagne bottle I was using actually had something in it, but I have since found a new bottle for tomorrow, that I will clean thoroughly. I still have to memorize the tenets, agreements, viewpoints, techniques, variables and guideposts, as well as to answer the 12 guideposts for my scene. Hopefully, I will be able to go to bed relatively early so I will be fully rested and ready to tackle whatever the class this weekend throws at me!

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