Callbacks and Chemistry Reads

In this case, I had a callback that doubled as a chemistry read. First, the terms:

A callback is basically a second audition. After the people casting a project have seen everyone they are interested in, they will have a portion of those people come back and audition again. But a callback is not a chance to go in a different direction or try something new. You are expected to do exactly what you did the first time, which includes wearing the same clothes. And you are always expected to be ready to take direction.

A chemistry read usually comes along later in the casting process, when they have already narrowed down the talent pool. It is very different from an audition, because instead of doing your scene with a reader who is standing beside the camera, you are with another actor, on camera, trying to prove not only that you are the best person for the role, but also that you have chemistry with the other actor they are considering.

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As for my recent experience, I had sent in a self-tape before being notified that I was wanted for a callback. I knew one of the guys in charge of the project, since I had auditioned for him last year on something that fell through, which both made it more and less stressful. I feel more pressure auditioning for someone I know than for a complete stranger, even if I only know them from a previous audition. I’m sure it’s a thing. Right?

I had never met the actor I was doing the scene with, but I did get his name ahead of time, and we had some friends in common (according to facebook). When I got there, I was introduced to everyone I didn’t know, and had all the details of the project explained to me before we did the scene as it was written. The first time, I completely skipped a line, but we stayed in the scene and acted like nothing happened. We did the scene twice more, and then they had us improvise. We kept the situation, but the rest was all improv. It’s a slasher film (short), so they would make noises or things to get us to react, all while we were trying to carry out our imaginary situation.

It was actually a lot of fun, doing the scene with another actor, and the improv. Not to mention that I finished the day by checking out Puces Pop and going to a friend’s birthday supper 🙂

“I love you mostly because you let me be me.”

-Uzo Aduba during her Emmy acceptance speech, but also a #relationshipgoal

Lots of memorable quotes from the speeches, but also loved #SmartGirlsAsk, to build on #AskHerMore 🙂

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