Day Jobs and Dream Jobs

I have left my day job. Have I done that before? Why yes, I have, but this time hopefully for good. I went back this summer to help my mom out, which had its pros and cons, but I had my last day on Monday, and can now focus so much more time on my acting. I might have taken a little bit too much advantage of this lack of a schedule this week, which resulted in sleeping in and having trouble convincing myself to do the things I know I should be doing, but I decided to give myself this week so that next week, I will have no excuses and be ready to take on the world 😉

On Tuesday, Carolyne and I met up and got some menchies before going to class. It was the first class this month, which meant we each got a new scene, did a cold read and tried to put it up on its feet. Carolyne told Suzanna last week how much I would love to play Rachel in Suits, so my scene this months is as Rachel 🙂 So excited about this. I was highlighting my lines and waiting to hear the final scenes when Suzanna handed me a second script. I have already explained my theory about how awesome it is to have 2 scenes in this class, and I get to play Piper in Orange is the New Black. All I can say is that I cannot wait! Also, Carolyne must have thought it was my birthday or something, because I went home with a bag full of little presents. Thank you 🙂

2014-08-05 07.06.36

No footage back from the people I emailed last week yet, but I also emailed the background agencies that have stuff filming right now, so fingers crossed that I will get to be on set again soon 🙂

“Working hard is great, being lazy sometimes is great, but failed potential is the worst.”

-Campbell Scott

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