Optimism and Discipline

Last weekend I was lazy and didn’t do much, but I was giving myself that week to be lazy so that I could get back into it starting this week. Carolyne and I have been discussing the fact that more than anything right now, we need discipline. The 30 day exercise challenge that I have been participating in is definitely helping to show me that it isn’t so hard to dedicate 30 minutes of every day towards improving yourself, so now I just have to work on adding another 30 minutes or couple of hours to something that will bring me closer to the career of my dreams.

2014-08-01 19.06.59

For my this month goals, I do not believe that updating my demo reel will work, because I have been unable to get any more footage, although I am incredibly excited to see my scenes from class this week. I had spent a lot of time working on the scenes so I didn’t just know my lines, I also knew my goals and how I felt about the other person, and all of the different levels in the scene. The first time we actually did it on camera, I kind of realized halfway through that although I let myself get angry and then hurt and so on, I forgot the most important part, that I loved the guy i was having the argument with. So, the first take was a bust, but I’m pretty sure the other takes were probably some of our best work. Maybe.

For my other scene, from Orange Is The New Black, it was interesting, because it’s a breakup scene, but also really emotional because one of us is dealing with a loss. What made it especially interesting is that each take was different. We were in the moment and although I didn’t hug her in the first take when I felt I should, she did hug me at the end, so we had this moment of ‘what’s happening?’ before just going with it. And then the next take she didn’t hug me. We let our emotions lead us, so we got something different with every take.

Wednesday my dad and I took an impromptu trip to Plattsburgh, where we didn’t actually accomplish much, but we did talk and spend lots of time together. It’s nice to do that every once in a while.

This week I also signed up for horseback riding lessons, which I have been meaning to do for a while. I haven’t gone horseback riding in years, but I always enjoyed it, and who knows when it can come in handy on set. I wonder if they will be able to teach us to ride side saddle?

“Things never happen on accident. They happen because you have a vision, you have a commitment, you have a dream.”

-Oscar De La Renta

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