Easter 2018

Being back in Montreal means I have spent a lot of time with family, and I like it that way

I also make sure to fit in some work and friends, so I spent a few days at Mcgill, catching up with friends and doing an…interesting scenario. There’s one part of it I am not a huge fan of, but acting and emotion wise, it was so much fun, especially since the whole scenario can take a completely different turn depending on how certain information is processed. No specifics, but I enjoyed my days exploring this character.

After work on Thursday, I went to see a Wrinkle in Time, and then for coffee with a friend to catch up. It is really nice to have friends who are killing it and going after their dreams, because it motivates you to do the same. He’s also really encouraging and supportive, so when I worry my motivation to change is a passing fad, he is right there to assure me that it either isn’t, or I will still land on my feet.

Friday was my grandfather’s birthday, so we had lunch together, and a small miracle happened. You see, my grandparents have an endless pool, that my grandfather uses for exercise every day, but he insists that it is made for one. I usually wait until he finishes, then go in alone, or coerce my mom to come in with me. On Friday, he not only invited me to join him, he showed me all of the exercises he does (which do explain why he usually goes in alone) so that I can work on them as well. Not to mention the 80 years of knowledge and wisdom he brings to everything.


On Saturday, it was my cousin’s birthday, so she had a bunch of people over for a 90s themed birthday party. While most people would use their birthday to sit back and relax and enjoy the food and cake that other people make, she did the opposite and made us pizza pockets, mac and cheese bites, pogos and sloppy joe’s from scratch. Also, if ever you get the chance to try homemade dunkaroos, be careful, because an almost unlimited supply of icing is dangerous and delicious. It was a really fun night of catching up with people I haven’t seen in years and letting loose singing the best of the 90s songs on karaoke.

On Sunday I met up with a friend who is a really awesome stunt guy, and asked him about a million questions about what I should be doing. I told him my plan and got all kinds of advice, then asked if there was anything I was missing. I was expecting some cool new class I should try out, but instead he suggested weight training. Which is really boring and will probably suck, but I have also kind of been expecting that I can’t just spend all my time doing really fun, kickass classes. Regardless, it is always fun when someone doesn’t laugh or try to convince me not to pursue this new venture of mine. I know that I am the one who has to believe it, and I am really starting to, but lately a lot of people (strangers, friends and family alike) have been really supportive and it means a lot.

I left there to go to my family’s Easter celebration, where we still do an Easter egg hunt, even though (as we are constantly reminded) we are getting way too old for it. To push the point home, instead of chocolate we mostly got adult things like toiletries and room fresheners, which they maybe thought was discouraging, but I am so excited about everything we got. And maybe it’s just me, but I love the excitement of traipsing through the house searching for clues, all of us together, like we have since we were tiny.

We also celebrated a bunch of birthdays, including mine, really early because I go back and forth between cities. My grandfather writes us a letter every year, going over our accomplishments, trials and tribulations of the past 12 months. They are the absolute best, so we decided to each write him our own letter this year. Let’s just say there were some tears. My grandfather also decided to do something different, and included a picture in the back of my letter.


Possibly one of my most embarrassing moments, but then again, it is awesome that he reads every post and keeps track of everything I’m up to.

I ended off my weekend working on my new Camp Nano project, and seeing Game Night with my family. It’s a little more intense than your average murder mystery night, but still pretty cool.


“Don’t just count your years, make your years count.”

-George Meredith

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