I am my own worst critic

So all the finals are done now, so I have nothing to worry about but work and acting. I am so excited to be starting this, but first, I thought I would share a little piece of wisdom that came to me recently.

I have been under the impression that acting was a dream others would think was crazy, that people would judge me on it and think I was silly to believe I could make it. This led to my not telling so many people about it, but I did tell my family. Still, I was pretty sure they were just waiting for me to settle on a more realistic career path. Until my birthday celebration last Sunday. Every birthday, my grandfather writes us a letter that tells us what we have accomplished over the year, how proud of us he is, how much he loves us…I love these letters, because it shows how he pays attention to everything, even when you think he doesn’t. I was overwhelmed by how proud and supportive he and everyone else was of my going after my dream. I realized I was the one who thought it was crazy, while they were all behind me, encouraging me, loving me, like they always have. My cousin said she thought it was the bravest thing any of us had ever done.

I understood that I am my own worst critic. I judge me even when nobody else is. My mother always tells me the question isn’t whether she believes I can make it, but if I believe it. And she’s right. My mother will always support me, though she wishes I would have chosen a dream that doesn’t take me so far away from her. But now I don’t have to convince the world that I can make my dreams come true, I just have to convince me…

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