In the Waiting Room

Another productive and exciting week! Since I had the script for the audition, I highlighted my lines, I made cue cards, I practiced emotions and the non-verbal stuff…I was as prepared as I could be, until I stepped into the waiting room.

I had arrived at the same time as a guy, Chris, who was auditioning for another film, but had auditioned for the same one as me a few days ago. He informed me that they were now at the 6th draft of the script, while I had pretty much memorized the 4th. I had been warned that things like this happen, but I would have been extremely thrown if I had only found out when I was in the room, on camera, in front of the director. As it was, Chris was so nice, telling me how the audition would take place, what the major changes were…he made it sound so stress free, that I didn’t worry about no longer being prepared, I just waited for my turn, and picked Chris’ brain. I found out that he was studying at the same school I went to last summer and am going back to in September. I don’t know if he knows it or not, but that conversation before my audition made the difference between my fearing future auditions, and feeling like I’m getting a glimpse at the hustle of the working actress. It was scary, exciting and I can’t wait!

The audition itself went well, I think. Learning the lines didn’t help, since it was almost all new ones, and the relationships between the characters had all changed, but I think I did okay. I auditioned with a guy who will potentially play my character’s boyfriend, if we get the parts and the director/writer had actually been on set when I was an extra last March, and he remembered me, which I have to admit, made me feel a lot more confident, and not as shy as I would have. Fingers and toes are crossed while I await their email…

The school I used to go to has something called the 48 hour film fest, where you basically have 48 hours to be put in a team, find a story, shoot and edit a movie. Chris told me they are doing another one in August, so I emailed the school to find out when it will be, and will hopefully be able to sign up.

The only thing left on my to-do list is a spa date this Saturday for a friend’s bachelorette party. You wouldn’t exactly think it has anything to do with acting, but in the book Acting is Everything, by Judy Kerr, she recommends getting a facial every month.  The things we do to achieve our dreams!


This is a picture of the teams from last summer’s 48 hour film fest!

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