I Caught the Bouquet :)

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, which is why this post has been a long time coming, but I will try and fill you in on all the exciting things I have been doing 🙂

First off, I finished the 30 day challenge, having exercised for at least 25 minutes every day in October. Technically, I am 31 for 31, but I would like to try it again, perhaps in January, combined with some fitness goals, like so many push ups or pull ups and so on. We will see if I can convince anyone to join that with me. As far as my other October goals, they have pretty much all been postponed, some for reasons out of my control, like being unable to get the footage from shorts I had worked on, while others are because I was lazy and let myself be satisfied by half-hearted excuses.I am glad to see November is looking a lot better, but we will get to that soon.

My last class with Suzanna was a few weeks ago, and I had to give up my spot for this month because I would be missing half the classes, but I did get to watch my scenes from previous weeks, and find I did a lot better than I had in my head. As for our last class, where we did our scenes audition style, the best way to describe what happened is that I was acting. At least for the first scene, from Suits. I was not living the life, I was not feeling the emotions, so I overly-empted in order to compensate. A big barrier, I believe, is that I saw Mike, the character from the show, instead of creating the emotions and relationship like I was able to do for the Orange Is The New Black Scene, since I haven’t gotten around to watching that show yet. It is something I now have a month to work on and improve!

On a more personal level, we went out for my brother’s birthday, I got a Nexus card, and we took a haunted tour around Old Montreal for Halloween. My friends all suggested that I do that next year, since it is acting, but I don’t think I would do well in the cold like that. Also, I was incredibly impressed when they all managed to stay in character even with some of the people I went with giving smart alec remarks and inappropriate comments.

I did a self-tape for a webseries I am really excited about on the Saturday (the 1st) which was a really long time ago, so I probably did not get the part, although the actual auditions were later on, so they might not have made their decision yet. Either way, I do have a part in the webseries I auditioned for a while ago, which is incredibly exciting. They are still in the writing phase right now, but I am getting very good at waiting, as long as I know something is coming.

All of last week, I was in Toronto, doing background for a corporate video. Going in, I thought it would be like a training video, or something from HR, but it was actually so awesome and interesting. For a week, we got to listen to a bunch of experts tell us about the field they are experts in. I learnt so much about health and fitness and finance and raising children and so many other things. I have pages of notes that I have to sift through in order to adjust some of my current life plans. It was also really nice to be with the same people for a week on set. We had a lot of downtime, where we had lengthy conversations about everything, but this shoot also coincided with NANOWRIMO, so I got a lot of writing done.

NANOWRIMO is the National Novel Writing Month, where your have the 30 days of the month of November to write a 50 000 word novel. Since I have been trying to finish one of my books since I maybe 11, I didn’t have much hope, but there is something about being held accountable by updating your word count that is definitely pushing me. We are 12 days in, and I have already written over 35 000 words. I think my novel is gearing up towards being more like 90 000 words, but I am still well on my way to reaching 50 000 words before the deadline.

2014-11-12 12.27.50

This weekend, most of my family was in Hamilton for my cousin’s wedding. I absolutely love seeing family, especially the ones I don’t see often, so I was going to have an amazing time, even if it hadn’t been such a beautiful and extravagant affair. My cousin definitely deserved the fairytale wedding, and to top off the night, I caught the bouquet. By caught, I mean that it landed right at my feet. I waited, in case any of the girls with boyfriends wanted to grab it as a hint for their significant other, but no one else went for it, so I got it 🙂 I don’t necessarily believe in the whole whoever catches the bouquet being the next to get married, but it did make me realize that I have been treating a lot of things in my life like I used to treat my acting career. See, my original plan was to become a doctor, and to get discovered somehow. I don’t know how I thought Hollywood would find me in an operating room, but that was my plan until I realized I was completely unrealistic and you actually have to work if you want to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. Now, I am not saying that I am going to dedicate myself to getting married to appease the bouquet, but I am thinking I might start putting more of an effort into the other things I want in life. I am very comfortable in my current routine, being challenged only in classes and auditions, but I need to start putting myself out there, both in a networking sense, and socially. I am realizing as I write my book that I have very little life experience when it comes to relationships and doing crazy things. One of my goals this year was to do something every month that scares me, but I have been letting myself off easy most months, and need to start crossing fears off of my list 😉

Since getting back from the wedding, I have mostly been working on my word count, but I did allow myself a break yesterday to visit the most beautiful little girl in the world. I stopped short of making her mother wrestle me to get her daughter back, but it was worth it. I am sure I read somewhere that holding babies does something to relieve stress and make you happy. If not, I am telling you right now that it does.

For November, although we are already a third way through the month, my goals are to:

Finish writing my book (the editing will come later)

Go surfing

Go Horseback riding

Visit a place I have never been to

I am maybe being easy on myself with that last one, but writing a book is a big challenge, and is taking up a lot of my time. Also, if I put going to Hawaii as one of my monthly goals, my vacation will be contributing to crossing things off at work. Win, win, right?

Also, in case you missed it, The Dark Shack now has a movie poster! Super exciting and I can’t wait for you all to see this film. In the meantime, you can check us out on facebook and imdb 🙂




“Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?” Caroline Myss

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