Knees together ?

I know the title is misleading. It’s intentional. You see, yesterday I had class with Suzanna, where Bobby and I were doing a scene from Up in the Air. When working on it on my own, I had very clear goals and specific emotions behind certain statements, but a lot of that changed when running lines before class. Possibly because Bobby is more of a friend than a colleague I am sort of trying to get rid of, but what was supposed to be an argument ended up as a casual conversation while reading magazines at an airport. 
It was after we did it that first time for the class that Suzanna told us to put our chairs facing each other, with our knees together. As in my knees touching his knees, so we were both very much in each other’s space, and connected to each other. She had us go over our lines, without performing, just talking and listening to each other. We did this exercise twice, not filming it, but it was definitely interesting. The first time I felt we really listened to each other and were in the moment. The second time we were slightly preoccupied with her having told Bobby that we weren’t supposed to move, but to lock eyes. Still, the take that came after the exercise was completely different and a lot stronger than our first take. 
Finally, we did a subtext/improv exercise before going into the text, so we kind of started off upset with each other. I wasn’t wondering where Alex was, I was accusing him of having made her leave. Getting angry, mean or accusatory are not my first instincts, but they truly seem to be finding me lately 🙂
“Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

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