My Goals for 2016

Happy New Year! I have the feeling that this year will be full of amazing experiences, and that’s not just because I am hours away from a flight to London. For one, this year I am making my resolutions things that I can accomplish without relying on other people. That might not make sense, seeing how a few of them were on the list previous years and I still haven’t crossed them off, but that’s because I am changing my definition of success. As long as I have done everything in my power to accomplish these resolutions, I will have won. Because even if I don’t get to where I am trying to get, I will definitely be a whole lot closer to them than I am today 🙂


The holy grail that moves from list to list…If by June, I still haven’t filmed the project that gets me into ACTRA, I will move on to Plans B and C. One is to get in through 1600 hours or 200 days on set as Background, and the other needs more research, but it is to get in through my own projects. The bottom line is that I won’t wait for the project to come around if it is delayed again, I will go after it myself 🙂

Get an Agent

For this one, I still don’t want to settle for a bad relationship, so I will do my best to be an awesome actor that agents would love to represent. This means my CV, headshot, reel, website, everything will be professional, on brand and awesome. I will do a sendout when I get back from London, once I am ACTRA, and every time I get a noteworthy part.

Film a Scene I Wrote

I got out of it easy in 2015, but this year I actually want some good footage of something that I wrote myself. Ideally, I would love to film an entire short, with a cast and crew and lighting and everything, but I will settle for a scene. Proper lighting, someone manning the camera, other actors and some kind of a director are non-negotiable this time.

Publish a Book

By this, I mostly mean that I want to edit something that I’ve written to the point that I believe it is good enough to be published, which isn’t currently the case. Once I am convinced, I will try to convince others and get it published, but I am still in control, because if that doesn’t work out, I can publish it online, or with the NANOWRIMO Winner Ressources 😉

Graduate LAMDA Semester

I am enrolled, my flight is booked…all I have to do is show up and work hard 🙂

Win 3 Nanos

April, July and November. I might use one of them to write a new draft of a story I have already written, but I want to participate in and win all 3 😉

12 Speaking Days on Set

I considered changing the number because I realized that this would be the same number as in 2015, but I will be gone for the first 3 months of the year, and will hopefully be going for union roles not long after I get back. So I am keeping it at 12, and if I don’t get there with outside projects, I will just have to create my own 😉

Be able to do 5 Pull Ups and a Handstand

My upper body strength is currenlty not the greatest, so I want to work on that, with working up to being able to do 5 pull ups in a row, without the help of an elastic. I also want to be able to do a handstand in yoga class without being absolutely terrified, or collapsing. Maybe I can even work up enough core strength to start with my legs down and just lift them out of sheer core work. Bonus is that monkey bars will be a piece of cake next time my brother, my dad and I get into a competition.

New Skill to Put on my CV

I put a list last year, but this time the only requirement is that I master it enough to add it to my CV.

Activity/ Class/ Something Just For Me

I read an article that suggested taking a class or something to improve yourself, just for you, without it having any direct link to your current job. It isn’t exactly a requirement, but this should be something that I won’t put on my CV.

12 Networking Events

Some months are busier and some I just don’t get there, but in the next 12 months, I will go to at least 12 industry/networking events. They can be completely unrelated to my career, because the goal is to meet people and build relationships. I can bring a friend along, but I have to either meet or catch up with someone I don’t hang out with on a regular basis.  And again, I am not collecting names or facebook friends, I am building relationships.

1000 Hours of Acting

It takes 10 000 hours to be considered a pro, or so said the class I took in University, as well as The Talent Code. It is also not about quantity, but about quality and working smarter, so I will not count all of the hours I already have, but starting today, I will consciously work on getting 10000 hours of acting under my belt, beginning with at least 1000 in 2016.


What are your goals for the New Year? Do you have any tips or tricks for sticking to them? I would love to hear from all of you 🙂


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