Opening Night at Becket :)


I haven’t really done much these past few days, except of course for Opening Night of “Don’t Stop The Music” and 2 additional shows on Saturday. We had been rehearsing for months for this, and it was definitely something to see it come to life. Plus, being in a play was one of my fears that I now get to cross off, meaning I only have 4 left for my 30 before 30.

I don’t want to tell you all about the show, because there are still 3 more showings next weekend, but as far as my experience of it…During rehearsals, I would often feel like the rehearsal space was so far away and wondering why I had signed up for this when it made me have to turn down other things, but the week leading up to opening night and doing the shows, I understood that this is why we do it. It also helps that I now have most of the names down and have actual conversations with the cast members. I love being a part of a team, having shots before the show, rushing to get ready between scenes, hanging out in the dressing room…just being a part of something.

All in all, I think it is an awesome show that you should all come and see, and I met some amazing people and lived some experiences I won’t soon be forgetting 😉

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

-Joan Walsh Anglund (made popular by Maya Angelou)

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