• Night shoots

    This past week I have done lots, but also a bit of nothing. As in I have constantly been doing things, but not crossing anything off of my list of things to do. My week started off with some night shoots. I got to be a reporter, which I really enjoyed. Not because I actually did anything different from the other extras, but I got to stand right at the front, and actually got to hear what the actors were saying. This includes their lines, while they were rehearsing, and their banter between takes as well. It was really interesting to see how differently the actors will do the scene…

  • Work, Demos and my Brand

    I just got back from a day working at Mcgill. We used a lot of improv, but in an interesting way, because although the 3 of us who work there had a script, there was another person who would come in with no idea what was going on and would often throw curve balls at us. Unintentionally, but it was definitely a lesson in keeping our emotions in check, and controlling our laughter. Have I mentioned that this is probably one of the absolute best survival jobs for an actress? For like a million reasons? Well, it is. Definitely 🙂 This week I tried to update my demo reel, to…

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