Work, Demos and my Brand

I just got back from a day working at Mcgill. We used a lot of improv, but in an interesting way, because although the 3 of us who work there had a script, there was another person who would come in with no idea what was going on and would often throw curve balls at us. Unintentionally, but it was definitely a lesson in keeping our emotions in check, and controlling our laughter. Have I mentioned that this is probably one of the absolute best survival jobs for an actress? For like a million reasons? Well, it is. Definitely 🙂

This week I tried to update my demo reel, to make it more on brand and so that I would be super proud to show it to people, but finding scenes that fit my criteria has been tricky. This means I am now focusing my creative writing energies into writing short scenes that are incredibly on brand and will show casting directors exactly how to cast me. I am then going to get some amazing actor friends to film these with me. Extra points if the scene is on brand for them too. Now I need to get writing 🙂

Although I only plan to start taking dialect classes this summer, I have started watching interviews with british actors, to see how they naturally speak and get used to their vocabularies. I am assured this is the kind of research/homework I will get when the classes start, but for now I am very much enjoying absorbing Emma Watson’s genius. That’s a thing, right?

In other news, I should be filming a small part next week, and you can play Where’s Waldo with me on this week’s Reign episode. It would be in the first scene, and this is what I am wearing (plus a coat, minus the background). Can you spot me?

2015-01-14 10.09.51

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

-Vince Lombardi

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