• Another Weekend On Sets

    I started off the weekend in the best way possible; at a spa and dinner date with my best friend for her birthday. On Saturday, I was background on a series that films here in Montreal, pretending to be a university student. I feel like I have never been so productive as when I was sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture, so being able to do that without any kind of exam or testing on the material is absolutely wonderful 😉 I met some people, and got a lot of insight from one of the 3rd ADs. It was also really nice to see someone I know and…

  • You Gotta Have Faith…And A Few Other Things :)

      Last Saturday was the big performance. Or so my stress level seems to think of the Tom Todoroff workshop. I woke up at 3 a.m. seriously convinced that I needed to start learning my lines. Luckily, when I woke up again a few hours later, I remembered that I knew the words, had worked on it on my own, at the Fight Club, and with Lara at my house the day before. Still, the pressure was on, considering the praise I got with Lisa last time. I got there early with the intention of rehearsing some more, but instead ended up blowing balloons for Tom’s birthday party. Johnny came…

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