• My Second Brunch in the City

    Yesterday I went to Female Department’s Brunch in the City for the second time. This year I was sans Carolyne, but I did still manage to have an amazing time, and hang out with some pretty cool people 🙂 I got there a little before 12, when it was supposed to start, so I figured I would get one of the free manicures from Trippy Nails before the lines got too long. I chose Pearl for my color, and chatted a bit with the owner, but I messed it up by grabbing things before it dried, so I won’t post pictures. But still, it was nice to be pampered for…

  • All I *Need For Christmas

    On Friday Night, I attended my second Female Department Sponsored Event. To celebrate the holidays, they rented out a loft, with a different vendor in every room, treats and drinks to go around, and some Christmas spirit 🙂 The tickets were free, we just had to bring a donation, which I think was an incredible idea. I got there super early because I clearly don’t know how long it takes to walk places. This was slightly awkward, because I just meandered while they finished setting up, but it was also awesome, because I got to actually talk to some of the vendors, had first dibs on everything, and got pictures…

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