The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Today is my 22nd birthday, so my life has kind of already started, but today is the beginning of one of the most terrifying and hopefully rewarding endeavors I have ever attempted. People will tell you to find a dream, believe you can achieve it and make it happen, so I am going to do my best to become a working actress, which I have wanted to do since I was maybe 2 years old. This blog will update my progress, or my downfalls. Ideally, it will be a blog that the aspiring actress can read, to see how a nobody from a small french town near Montreal becomes a successful actress in Los Angeles (if not, she can read it to see what not to do).

I am currently in finals, which are taking up a lot of my time, but once they are over, I will be able to dedicate myself entirely to acting, and of course, funding my acting career. All my life, I focused on school or other jobs, believing they were more likely careers for me, since acting is really hard to break into, but I’ve decided it is time to chase my dreams instead of always wondering what could have been. I have already applied and been accepted to a 9 week acting program in Los Angeles, at the New York Film Academy next December, and I have a weekend intensive with Tom Todoroff coming in May. It is only a weekend, but boy does he expect a lot out of us!

I will try to update weekly, unless something exciting happens that I feel I should share sooner. For now, I will be working on the reading list for the Tom Todoroff intensive, and studying so I can be one of the smart actresses, with a University degree!

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