Trips, Scenes and a Screening

This past week took off to a shaky start. But also a really exciting one. Due to a combination of events that I knew were excuses and not legitimate reasons, I didn’t make it to stunt class last week. I kept thinking that if it was that hard to get me to the first class, did I really want to have to convince myself to go every week? In the end, I decided I would do an intensive stunt course, so I just need to motvate myself to go once for a long time, then I will be done.

I also found out that due to my mom’s injury, she couldn’t go to Barbados at the end of March like she had planned, so she transferred her trip to me. Which means that I will actually get to visit an entirely new country before I turn 25, and be able to go scuba diving in the ocean instead of in a pool. I feel really guilty going, because I really am stealing my mom’s trip, but at the same time, how can you not be excited to go to Barbados?

SInce last week, I have also made a list of ACTRA approved agents in Montreal, including who I know with each agent, so I can ask my friends how they like their agents, and maybe get a referral for the ones I choose to send a targeted mailing to. I am going to wait for the agent sendout though, at least until I get my new headshots, which I have booked with a photographer here in Montreal at the end of February.

On Tuesday I went to visit my cousin and her almost 3 month old daughter, who has gotten so much bigger and can do so much more than the last time I saw her. It was definitely a treat for me 🙂

That night in class, I went early so Bobby and I could practice our scene a few times, since he hadn’t been there last class. Once we got it down pat, we were first to go up and film our scene. My notes for the first time were to be more angry instead of just hurt, which wasn’t at all how I imagined it, but was interesting to play. For our last take, Suzanna suggested I try to be more openly seductive, since I knew I had to make the first move if I wanted to get anywhere. It was counter intuitive for me to be the confident one in charge for a seduction, but it was definitely fun, gave my scene partner more to work with, and got us a few laughs. Our next class we have 2 audition-style scenes, with my new one being Emma Stone’s character in Birdman. Let’s see how I do with an Oscar nominated performance 😉

These past few days, I have been rereading the book I wrote last November, a first step in editing where I am make sure the story works and I don’t contradict myself. I have also had the chance to watch the entire first season of Mohawk Girls, which I recommend you all watch, and to get inspired by some insightful articles.

Last but not least, if any of you happen to be around Quebec City on February 28th, the Dark Shack is having a screening. You can check out the event on my facebook page for details 🙂

“Give me a couple of years, and I’ll make that actress an overnight success.”

-Samuel Goldwyn

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