21 Hours to Takeoff

It’s pretty much here. Tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. I am boarding a flight to go to Los Angeles. To some, it is just a place like any other, but for me, since I was a little girl, it is the place where my dreams can come true, where I hope to spend the rest of my life.

My bags are packed, although they might weigh exactly 50 lbs, which might end up being a problem, my boarding pass is hopefully printed, the schedule is done, my phone has a number, and I am slightly freaking out.

For someone who has lived with their parents their entire life, moving to a different country, to live with people I don’t know, is kind of a terrifying prospect. I am torn between this fear of the unknown, and my uncontainable excitement about what I hope lies ahead. 

I got my schedule for the Intensive Studies Program, and I am really excited for all of it, the classes with Margie, the business of acting, the improv, the night out at the Groundlings, meeting a casting director and casting associate…It all seems so incredible that I have trouble believing it is going to happen. This whole trip kind of feels like that, like a dream I don’t really expect to come true. Over the next few weeks, I will have so much to write about, so I will either be posting here a lot more, since I will have so much to say, or a lot less, because I will be doing all these amazing things. Either way, I promise to post at least once a week, and hopefully with a lot of pictures!

Now I have to finish getting my stuff together and spend some time with my family before jetting off to LA!


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