Do The Work!

I have a theory that part of me was worried that I would do a horrible job of my scene this week, and that is why I decided to be lazy in the memorizing my lines department. This way, when I messed up the scene, I could say it was because I didn’t know my lines, not because I’m a bad actress. As you can imagine, this is not good.

You need to do the work! And I don’t just mean knowing your lines, because you need so much more. You need to find out your moment before, you have to figure out your goal, what is motivating you in the scene. You need to put the scene into perspective for yourself, drawing from your life and experiences to understand how your character is feeling. Kind of putting yourself in the character’s shoes.

I think this helped me discover the bad thing about knowing the story and characters in your scene. I already knew not to imitate Alexis Bledel and Keiko Agena, who play Rory and Lane in Gilmore Girls, but I completely forgot to do the work. I didn’t think of any of it, because I figured I already knew it all, from having watched the show. By the time we do the scenes “audition style” next week, I will have worked all week so that I know my lines as well as my name, and I know all of my goals and moments before and will be amazing! That’s the plan.

In other news, after some consideration, I decided to wait until I get to Los Angeles to contact Casting Directors to find an internship/reader position. I want to see how it goes with Margie’s ISP, and at actorfest, and actually be able to meet them before making a decision.

Now this weekend I have my grandparent’s Christmas Party, which is Scotland themed, but I am leaving you with a picture from last week’s Christmas Party.




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