Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

While my parents were in town last week, we decided to do Afternoon Tea in style. I don’t just mean because the Ritz is a pretty fancy place; they also have a dress code. No one can wear sneakers, and men are expected to wear a jacket and a tie. Which meant a quick shopping trip before making it to our reservation. Once there, I did ask, and the cloakroom is used to lending out ties, jackets and shoes to people who don’t fit the dress code. So don’t worry, they won’t turn you away 🙂

We were let in a little early, and got to choosing our teas. My dad took the green tea, since he only likes tea to dip PB & J sandwiches into, my mom chose lemon verbena, and I went with Darjeeling First Flush. Everyone was very happy with their choices!

We almost immediately got the 3 tiered plate with sandwiches at the bottom, desserts at the top, and an empty middle. Our waiter gave us a description of everything that he’d put in front of us, and then we dug in.
We each got one of each of the sandwiches, and it was assumed that they would be bringing us more. (as in we didn’t have to ask, they just told us they were going to get us more). All were delicious, even the ones I thought I wouldn’t like so much, like the ham (they paired it with dijon mustard, which won me over). From left to right, you have cheddar cheese and chutney, which was so good, but the tomatoe bread was the best out of all the sandwiches, then the smoked salmon and cream cheese, cucumber with cream cheese and dill, chicken, egg and then ham. We ate every last one of the first round, as well as the refills.
The scones arrived just as we were about to start on desserts. My mom loved them, but my dad and I, who actually prefer the taste of brown bread with a bunch of seeds in it, weren’t crazy about them. I mean, they were really good, but just not the best that I’ve had here in London.
Finally, the desserts. Which were surprising, because the one I thought I wouldn’t like and didn’t even really want to try was actually my favorite. We got refills, even though we said no, because one of us hesitated. There were lemon macaroons, orange and raspberry things, a coconut hazelnut white chocolate thing, and then the chocolate and coffee pastry in the middle, which was by far the most delicious. The cream inside was heavenly!
Finally, we were offered a piece of one of the cakes from the trolley, but we were all much too full, so we went home, stuffed and happy 🙂

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