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Last week I was in Quebec City, not for a delicious French restaurant, but to film a part in an independent thriller, D33P W3B. I play Kristina, a girl who is very into gaming and sort of gets in a little over her head.

File 2017-06-26, 9 52 28 PM

The director/writer/producer/cinematographer is Jessy Dupont, who was also behind The Dark Shack that I did years ago. He asked if I would come and be a part of his new movie and so I came. There were so many familiar faces involved in the project (from Dark Shack as well as other ventures) but I only ever had scenes with Daniel, who played my boyfriend in the last film (one of the actors actually filmed his part from Vancouver).

It was a very different atmosphere from last time. Our previous shoot was two weeks long, with almost everyone staying in the same house for the entire shoot, including a set photographer and a sound guy/stand in/I’m pretty sure he did everything. This time, I was the only staying at the house, and we filmed at night, once the guys finished work. We were also just 4 of us on set; our fearless leader Jessy, my costar Dan, his girlfriend and me.

File 2017-06-26, 9 53 42 PM

One thing that hadn’t changed was the guarantee of good music while riding to set with Dan. We took advantage of this travel time to run lines, and he insisted that I had to try a poutine from Ashton’s, since we don’t have those in Montreal. In case you’re wondering, it was really good, but I still think we do it better over here!

File 2017-06-26, 9 50 13 PM

I don’t have a lot of set pics, because I left my phone in the car in an attempt to be more present, but I did get to watch the scenes we filmed after the first night, and snuck a few pictures. I might be biased, but it is looking pretty good. The second night I didn’t get to see them because I drove home instead.

Last week was definitely easy scenes when compared to what I will be doing this week, but you’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to know what I’m talking about


“One of the things I like about looking at pictures when you’re young and also meeting back with old friends you haven’t seen in a long time is, for me, it’s a glimpse of who I was.”

-Lea Thompson

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