My First Movie Screening

It seems like I have been having a lot of firsts lately. I have definitely not forgotten when M is for Mien and Lonely Ninja were first screened in front of audiences, but there is something very different from having a short scene within a short that is being screened along with lots of other shorts, versus being in half the scenes of an hour and a half long movie.

2015-02-28 19.41.11

I got there a half an hour before the movie was supposed to start so I could catch up with the director, my fellow actors, and also meet some of the actors whose names I know, but that I never actually got to meet since we didn’t share any scenes.

Now, I have seen The Dark Shack a lot of times, and with every single viewing, I discover something different. It was fun watching it with my parents and with my uncle to get their takes on it, but this was my first time seeing it with a large audience, where I didn’t get the comments, I could just see the general reactions of where everyone laughed, or gasped.

We were all introduced on stage before it started, then everyone was coming up to congratulate us afterwards.

I had to drive home afterwards, so we didn’t go out to celebrate, but there is always the eventual Montreal premiere 😉

2015-02-28 19.45.28

Also, in case you were wondering, I got the part I sent in the self tape for on Friday 🙂 Happy Sunday everyone!

“Leap, and the net will appear.”

-John Burroughs

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