Headshots, Self-Tapes and Challenges

A lot of really exciting things have happened for me over the past 24 hours. There is also a lot coming up in the next couple of days, so I am in a really good, inspired place right now.

First off I had my headshot session yesterday morning. I had never met the photographer, which is always part of what stresses me out. The other part is finding what to wear. I have been told repeatedly while growing up that I don’t have the best taste in clothes, so the thought of picking the wrong ones terrifies me. Luckily, I asked for some advice from trusted advisors (my cousin and my mom) so it all turned out okay. The photographer, Sabrina Reeves, was incredibly nice and supportive, giving me directions to get the best shots, but also letting me do my own thing. We talked while she did my makeup, so by the time we got to the picture taking, I was comfortable and ready to trust her. We went through a multitude of outfits and some different hairstyles before calling it a day. Not only was it a whole lot of fun to get the pictures taken, they turned out amazing. I have spent hours narrowing them down, and now only have to choose between my top 72. I’ll post them once I have narrowed it down more, maybe get your opinion on which ones I should have printed and use.

2015-02-27 15.24.04

While I was there, I heard back from a student film I had submitted myself for, asking me to send in a self tape, so I went home, rehearsed with my mom, put myself on tape and sent it in. I had submitted thinking it was an interesting concept, but reading the script, saying the lines, it was like some of them were written specifically for me. Putting into words exactly how I feel about the subject matter. I really have my fingers crossed for this project, because it is something I actually want to see, whether they cast me or not!

And finally, we have the end of the Self Tape Challenge. This morning I sent my last annoying tweet about self taping myself for this challenge, but that doesn’t mean I will stop. I probably won’t be doing it every single day, but I will definitely be writing scenes for my demo, finding material that they are currently casting, learning monologues and putting them all on tape. Self-tapes used to be something kind of scary, or at the very least intimidating, but now, before I audition or send in a self tape, I will record myself doing the scene on my phone, to see what it looks like, give myself some constructive criticism, and be able to put my best face forward when it counts. I am so grateful to Bonnie Gillespie for launching this challenge, and for her books and encouraging emails. If you are at all considering becoming an actor, she is an invaluable ressources you should definitely start getting to know.

2015-02-28 10.07.40

Tonight I am off to Quebec City, where I might see some of you at the screening of The Dark Shack 🙂

“The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.”

-Leonard Nimoy, LLAP

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