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Some exciting things have been going on lately, with more to come in the next few days. For starters, I am back in class with Suzanna. I went last Wednesday, and was surprised to find myself with an entirely new group of people. I had never met a single one of the ladies there, which might have made me slightly nervous, but I just enjoyed the chance to get to meet a lovely bunch of women. My scene partner and I did a scene from New Girl, where I got to play Jess, who is quirky yet adorable, and pretty good casting for me. It was also soo much fun to do a comedy with words I could memorize after a couple of run throughs, rather than after all the time and dedication required to learn Shakespeare. I am still looking to learn a new Shakespeare monologue, but for now, I am enjoying the modern vocabulary.

Last night I also went to the avant-premiere of Un Jour En Société with my parents. This is the zombie movie that is unlike any other zombie movie I have heard of. I play the daughter who is fighting for the rights of the undead (you see?). I reunited with a lot of the cast and crew and got to see my first meaty role in French. They still need to work on the sound, but other than that, I am pretty proud of the work we did 🙂
Finally, this morning, I was followed around by 3 guys with cameras. I have a friend who has been taking awesome pictures of all of the other people we work with, and I have kind of been a little jealous, so this morning was my turn 🙂 I often go to shoots where the photographer is a stranger, except once before, so it was a lot of fun to not have to spend an hour getting to know each other so I can be comfortable. He had me laughing from the minute he showed up, and I loved pretty much every second of it. He is already posting some of the pics, which is really exciting. Almost as exciting as the prospect of shooting with him again 🙂

“You get what you settle for.”

-Thelma and Louise

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