Photoshoots and Film fests

This weekend ended on a pretty high note. After having lunch with the two most amazing mothers on the planet, I went to do a photoshoot for a webseries I am a part of. So far, I have only filmed a party scene where I didn’t have any lines, but I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this character, because she seems like a whole lot of fun. I really love working on this project, because everyone is so nice and professional. Each time I go, we have makeup artists, food, and just a really nice working environment. The photographer had me laughing and dancing, and even insisted on taking pictures of me doing the uncomfortable look I get whenever I know I sang the wrong note or said the wrong line (I am trying to stop doing this, but he caught it, so it was weird to do it on purpose). He went to ask one of the creators of the webseries what other emotions or actions I should try, but she was so pleased with what we already had that I was done 🙂
2016-05-08 20.38.22.jpg
So, I headed to the Concordia Film Festival. Ours was the very last short that was shown, but I had a lot of fun watching all of the others, especially when I knew the incredible talent up on the screen, or whose names appeared as the masterminds behind it all. Being student projects, a lot of the crew for our film were students who also had their own films at the festival. I was kind of nervous to see it, because I felt slightly over the top while doing it, and I was wearing my glasses the whole time, which always makes me self-conscious, but the short was amazing! Not that I am biased in any way, but it was so funny, it was well-shot, the acting was on point and it was all put together to reveal the very best of everything we did. When Bonnie Gillespie asked us which 2 credits define us, I really wasn’t sure. I love all of my projects for a multitude of reasons, be it the people, the story or something I learnt, but Keep Calm and Make Art is a credit that I hope defines me, a project I am incredibly proud of. I think Yang, our director, thought Carolyne and I were joking when we said we would go to whatever film festival it was accepted to, but I really wasn’t. Fingers crossed 😉
In other news, yesterday I was on set for the first time in 2016. It was for background, but I am having a trend lately where every time I am on set, I know one of the actors (who actually have lines) and have an amazing time catching up, or getting to know some new people. I also made a effort to have conversations with people I don’t know or might not have gone up to normally. It goes with the doing things that make me nervous, which is great, but sometimes I accidentally come off as really creepy. Hopefully I will get better at it 🙂 All in all, I don’t even mind that we only wrapped at 1 o’clock this morning 😉

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”

-David Frost


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