This week has had some ups and downs. Although I have found a scene I really like for the Tom Todoroff weekend, my scene partner has gone MIA. She hasn’t replied to my emails, or phone calls, which makes me think she might have changed her mind about the class. This is extremely scary for me, because unless I also opt out of the intensive, I will have to do a monologue in front of an entire class of students who are doing scenes with a partner. My cousin says it is only fair that I go and do it alone, since my partner in May had to do it alone when I couldn’t make it. Either way, this means I really have to work on finding monologues for myself, as I will need them for auditions, and possibly for the Tom Todoroff Intensive.

My improv class this week was different from the others, but way more in my ballpark. We had a few lines on a whiteboard that we had to read in front of the class, with a partner. Brent decided if we were angry, sad, happy, scared, etc., or if we switched between many different emotions and statuses. I had to do it angry and with a high status, and I loved it, because I didn’t have to come up with the lines, I just had to deliver them.

Another great thing that happened at improv class is that I shared my LA plans last week, and another woman was interested in them and asking me questions. When I asked her what she did, she said she was an actor, so I put myself out there and asked if she had any scene study or on camera classes to recommend. It turns out although she didn’t actually take acting classes in Montreal yet, she had a friend who gives them. She gave me her friend’s website and I sent an email and should be starting her class in September if all goes well.

It seems like a reflex now, when someone asks me what my plans are now that I am done university, to reply that I want to be an actress, with a laugh, to let them know I know it sounds ridiculous. I have to work on saying it with more credibility and confidence, but for now, just sharing my dream has been opening me up to all kinds of possibilities and opportunities I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. I am still terrified people will laugh and find it hilarious that shy little old me plans to be an actress, but so far that has only happened once, with the guy at my bank who was inquiring about my income, and I think the responses have been more positive than not. Slowly but surely, I am gaining that confidence and breaking out of my shell! 

As far as the audition, I think it went pretty well. It kind of scares me that the guy who wrote the script and watched me audition is a friend of mine on facebook and could therefore read this someday, but I only have good things to say, so I am going ahead with it. I went into the audition convinced that I would not get any parts, because I am not in the age range for either character. I went because Michael Shurtleff says to always go in and read if they let you, to gain experience, and because the screenwriter was the one who sent me the invite. There was no specific time to arrive, but I still got there later than I had intended, and waited outside while someone else auditioned for the male lead. When it was my turn, he asked how I had been and referenced my trip to Paris, showing that he actually pays attention to what his friends on facebook are up to. It also made me feel more comfortable, especially when we talked about the other film I had been an extra in, because he wasn’t some unknown director, he was someone I had kind of worked with before, and I had a great time, and he put me completely at ease. It turns out he had added lines for one of the parts, which I am really getting used to, although I still take the time to make cue cards and learn all the lines beforehand, even though I know it might be useless. There were two female parts I read for, one sweet and in love with the main character, while the other was hurt by him and has to decide if she can forgive him. I thought it went well, and he told me he liked me for the sweet one, and made me feel like I had done a good job with the other one as well. Only time will tell if he was being nice or truly thinks I can play the parts, but my fingers are crossed and I am happy I went, no matter the outcome (although I do hope I get it! 🙂

I am off to a wedding in a few hours, so I have to go get ready for that, but I will try to squeeze in some reading so I can finish The Four Agreements by Sunday.

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