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It turns out that when I have too much time to go over something, I over-analyse it. I mentioned last week that I would do an experiment for class this week, and see how awesome I could be if I worked on the backstory and internal going-ons in the scene since I was already familiar with the words. Luckily, I can take direction, and knowing the words meant that it wasn’t a problem to change things from the way I had seen them. The verdict is that I definitely want to learn my lines as quickly as possible, so that I can get into the emotional journey and the moment before and so on, but I will be taking a different approach for how I work on the text after the lines have been learnt.

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As always, it was really fun to act with Carolyne, which we get to do so rarely. I had to get used to playing a slightly dumbed down character, and Carolyne was also going against type. It was lovely playing off of her and quite the experience.

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There was only one scene that I wasn’t in, so that was the one I filmed and it was really good. Very emotional and with accents as well. Apparently, I absolutely have to see Moonstruck now. The last scene was Picture Perfect and I had 2 really small lines to deliver, but we still sat at the table with the people doing the scene, pretending to small talk and such. For next week, I have a scene from August Osage County, which is kind of intimidating, considering who played the roles in the movie, but also really exciting 🙂

As for yesterday, it was a holiday here in Quebec, so I got together with a bunch of fellow Montreal writers and we all worked on our stories in a cafe. I can’t tell if what I am adding to the story is making it better or worse, but it was nice to hear about other people’s writing process, learn how to write a query letter, have sociological debates and get asked my opinion on psychological backstories 🙂

“You can fix anything but a blank page.”

-Nora Roberts

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