More Spanish and a Day on Set :)

I think there must be some kind of a Spanish role in my near future. After part of my audition being in Spanish on Saturday, I went to set on Sunday and spent a majority of the day talking to my friend from work in Spanish. He was very nice and said my Spanish was good, but in perfect honesty, I think I need to work on it more. I still remember most of the stuff we learnt when I was in school, but I am realizing that we didn’t cover every day conversations. We got the basics and what you would use if you were travelling, but not much as far as having long conversations. He recommended I get myself a Spanish boyfriend, since that is the best way to learn a new language, but for now, I’ll stick to watching movies and reading books 🙂

When I wasn’t with my friend from work, I was with a friend from class. We talked a lot about our careers, training and aspirations, but also found time to share weird animals facts. It’s one thing to spend a few hours a week in class with someone, but I like getting to know them outside of class as well. Possibly making real friends instead of just classmates 🙂

Other than a day on set, I have been writing, spending time with family and actually doing handstands (with help) in yoga class. I also walked and swam in the pouring rain today, so am looking forward to a nice dry afternoon of writing and prepping scenes for class tonight.

“Mientras se gana algo no se pierde nada.”

(As long as something is gained nothing is lost)

-Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

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