Surprise Auditions and Getting Ready

So last week, pretty much exactly when I finished the last blog post, I got an email requesting me to come to an audition that evening. It came from a girl I had submitted to in July, for something completely different, and hadn’t heard from since. Sometimes it amazes me how some auditions come to be. The audition was for a teenager, which is in my playing range, but I was the only one there who drove myself and didn’t have a parent waiting with me. Since it is for a commercial thing and not a show, I think they might actually be looking for someone that young looking, although the guy who was running the audition had no idea I was actually 23. I think I did a pretty good job, although I didn’t know the whole thing by heart, and they ambushed me by asking me questions about human rights. That is one thing I might have handled better than the actual 16 year olds 😉

On Thursday I spent my morning with First Year Med students, which was actually a lot of fun, before spending the rest of the day shopping with my dad. I got a few Christmas presents, but was mostly there for the company.

My weekend was again dedicated to Disney, but this time everyone has seen the costumes, so I can actually post some pictures. It might seem a little crazy, but I absolutely love getting dressed up like this for my grandparents’ Christmas suppers. I can’t wait to choose our theme for next year 🙂


The past few days I have been working a lot on planning next year, looking into jobs I can apply for, where I could volunteer or intern…a lot of research and figuring things out. I also redirected my domain, so when you type in, you should be brought right here. It will make things a lot easier when people ask for the address of my blog.

Yesterday was pretty interesting. The power went out and some appliances started yelling at me, so I decided to spend the day out of the house. Since I have so many movies to see before the Award Shows kick off, I went to the movies and saw Frozen and 12 Years a Slave. Two very contrasting movies, but I enjoyed both of them. Then I went to my final class of the year with Suzanna. We have some new people in class this month, so we discussed what to wear to an audition and the importance of a good first take. We also had a lot of food, non-alcoholic wine and a box of coffee 🙂 It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to January!

“I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about.”

-Emma Watson

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