To the New Year!

I had planned to post over the holidays, but decided to just relax and spend a lot of time with family instead, and I hope all of you did the same 🙂

I feel like I did pretty good for my 2013 resolutions, and even for my 25 under 25 (10 out of 25, although some need to be redone). I finished a screenplay instead of a story, and used this instead of actually building my own website, but I now know what I want in an agent, and I should soon be getting the footage that will allow me to make a demo reel I can be proud of. Sometimes I have moments, especially when looking at what I haven’t done, where I feel like my career is going nowhere, but then I look at my list of accomplishments, and realize that it doesn’t matter, as long as I keep pushing farther and improving on my self. It is amazing to see everything I have accomplished since I made the list of resolutions last year. I went on 14 auditions in 2013, compared to 1 in 2011 and 3 in 2012. And that isn’t even mentioning the movie I did in Quebec City with no audition, or M is for Mien that I just went for a meeting. 2013 was incredible for me, and I am convinced 2014 will be even more amazing!


I will bore you with all of my weekly and monthly goals as I strive to achieve them, but since it is New Year’s Eve, here are my resolutions for 2014 😉

-Make my demo reel

-Become an ACTRA member

-Finish writing a book

-Film my movie

-Get an agent

-Do Tough Mudder

-Complete Insanity

-Get a paid (But not as an extra) acting job

-Acquire 3 new skills

-Volunteer/ Donate every month

-Read a book/novel every month

-Do something that scares me every month

Some of the resolutions were also on last year’s list, but while I didn’t achieve them, I did put in place the groundwork that will let me complete them this year. The skills I have in mind are Archery, Horseback riding and Ballet, but there are a lot of others I also plan to work on, and I am honestly so excited to start all of it.

I won’t be posting for the next couple of weeks, but I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year full of health, wealth and happiness and love. Dream big everyone 😉

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


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